500 Million Hemp Seeds

Who can provide huge amounts of hemp seeds?

Also, please guide me on why your hemp seed is better than the average farmer


Any pictures of your flower? Pricing?

I was asking if anybody can provide


Bought yourself a continent ?
Just kidding quiet an amount you arel looking for


This next season is going to a totally different game than last year. There are several companies that will be producing billions of feminized seeds for 2020.

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That’s a lot. So so

Yes there will be a lot. But not all made equal

Why yall exaggerate so much?

This is an autoflower. If you are in a subtropical zone you can pump them out year round

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Actually you can grow any plant year round with right climate. Auto is for when there is too much sun to go into flower. Not enough sun any seed will veg for a month then flip

It will veg for 3 weeks and have terrible flowers I tested it indoors. Some hermed

Try it outside

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It would make sense to give a hint on where you want to plant them
South afrika ?
Diffrent wheatther diffrent strain