40k for container and entire post items 120v atlas gvd vac pumps vac ovens - summit 12 L distillation unit w/ techno mantle- fully loaded with accessories - AI cryo freezer 35 cubic ft

3 commercial 35 cubic foot freezers

20L roto vap

3 diaphragm pumps

The big diaphragm pump I was using for the 20L roto

Summit PIG filter

1 120v atlas gvd 28 vac pump

Across international 35 cubic ft freezer , this thing is a beast . It works great . Rarely used . The bottom door seal to the small swinging door a, have a little cracking on it from a couple things hitting it . It’s taped over , doesn’t affect performance. It’s double sealed from the little doors. Outer big dooor seals also , those are prefect .

You can contact Alex at 831 428 6332

Bump , items still available.
Willing to negotiate prices

Any ovens available?

Yea three ovens with a ton of extra shelving

What’s the cost in the ovens?

I’m honestly open to offers bro . I’d take $1500 for all 3 plus shelving Just the extra shelving alone is a fat amount of money. They’re like $30 bucks a pop

Commercial freezers still available

$2400 for All 3

Ovens sold
Cryo freezer still avail open to offers will take $6000 for it

Distillation unit still avail
Willing to part it out and sell parts by themselves

Will selll full distillation system with mantle , glassware , 1 gvd 28 pump and immersion probe chiller . 7k

All 3 diaphragm pumps $800

Willing to sell both vacuum pumps individually

Willing to sell summit research mantle by itself

Willing to sell immersion probe chiller by itself


How much for the mantle?

id take 1500

Items still avail
Willing to make a deal. Make an offer . I’m open to any offers at this point

What’s the model number for the AI freezer? I’m trying to find more information on it.

Model number: glacier -35