3rd Party Engineering report?

does anyone here have experience getting an extractor certified?

who did you use?


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Try these guys:


They do it for equipment as well as labs. They did our lab and I know they’ve certified equipment for Apeks Supercritical and others.


I’ve used Rouge-Sky for a lab build out. reasonably sure they can do equipment/process certification too.


I’m just gunna bump this topic because I’m also curious. I’m trying to get a system peer reviewed in the Bay Area if anyone knows a good engineer. I already reached out to the PSI guys.

How much does something like this normally cost? Obviously price will vary depending on the scale but lets say we are talking about a simple extraction skid similar to pinnacle or 710snob

It was around $4k for ours. That includes the initial visit to your facility before it’s finished after which they do a rather comprehensive report. After your facility is completed they will come back and see if you met all of the requirements outlined in the report.

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Licensed engineer here. I can get you squared away with a peer review.


3p Certz is the best IMO. PSI over charges and won’t certify a lot of equipment .

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