3P Certz - Introduction

Company Name: 3P Certz
Contact Info: (email: sales@3pcertz.com) (phone: 360-217-8446)
Location: Monroe, WA
Team Size: 10+

Services Offered: 3rd Party Certifications, Mechanical facility design and consulting
States Available in: We offer our services across the entire United States

Hello everyone, we would like to formally introduce ourselves. We are 3P Certz, an engineering and certification company based out of Seattle, Washington. We have 2 professional engineers on staff, who combined, are licensed in 23 states with the ability to gain licensure in additional states necessary to serve our clients.

Our firm offers 3rd party system and facility certifications primarily in the cannabis industry. We work closely with both manufacturers and processors to ensure the equipment, installation, and facilities meet all local and national code requirements.

In addition to our certification offerings, we also have a fully capable facility design team that can handle all aspects of mechanical design services (HVAC, Plumbing, Controls, etc) from initial design through permitting and construction.

Our website is currently under construction and will be going live soon, so please stay tuned! We will be attending MJBizCon this week and if you would like to meet up we will be walking around. Just let us know your booth number or other contact information and we will follow up with you!


I have been working with Brian and Mark from 3P Certz and have nothing but good things to say about these guys.