$3000 BHOgart 2lb extractor plus extras

2lb BHOGART 6″ HORIZONTAL LFE EXTRACTION KIT with upgraded 10" honey pot dual sight glass
2 3x48 regular material columns
2 condensing coils
1 12 CFM Twin vane vacuum pump

Also Included:
BHOgart 8" explosion proof fan
30 +/- pounds of desiccant
Full reservoir tank of 40-40-20 solvent
extra screen gaskets and gaskets
Folding table
2 gas detectors
Sheet Pan rack
2 pyrex pans
extension cord and power strip
water reservoir with pump and heater for extractor
a bag of glass wool

Over $4,500 worth of equipment and recently purchased (10-2018). I have the receipt. The extractor does not have any issues. It is completely assembled and ready for your inspection. Ready to run.

I also have for sale:

CMEP-OL recovery pump (recently rebuilt) - $1,900

1 1.9 Across International LED light, 5 shelf (Date: 8-2017) - $2000
plus a 12 CFM Twin vane vacuum pump with hose for oven

Scale: Locosc Precision xk3150-ex - $300

The only thing you need to buy is dry ice, other than that this is turn key. Come check it out. There is over $11,000 worth of equipment here.

Location: Redding, CA
Contact: ShaneR3030@yahoo.com


Is this still available? I will be out in Redding CA in about 2 weeks and would love to take a look it.

No its gone but I still might be able to help you if youre looking around. Let me know

Have the explosion proof fan still by chance