3 -86*C chest freezers

Item: 3 freezers for sale. 1 Harris 2 thermo forma

Location: pa Stroudsburg

Price: 15,000 for all three

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Do all of these freezers work?

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Interested condition ?

Yes all work perfectly. We are selling because we are closing our doors. These run 24/7 and never had an issue

Condition is good, just cleaned them this week so they are ready to roll

Can you fire over a few pics and what’s the usable measurements inside of them.

The inside hold with a lot of good room near it 10-5gal buckets

Yes they all work perfectly. We ran them everyday at -86c and never had one issue

Please contact me if the freezers are still available. 416-200-7200

I am interested, hmu. 314.717.521seven