3/8 or 1/4 fittings and hoses for 1lbs closed loop extractor

Hi I have a bi-directional closed-loop extractor.
Trying to figure out what’s best way to run.

I would like to know what is better 3/8" hose and connections or 1/4" hose and connection?

Thank you.

Bigger is better for flow, and less plumbing length.


1/2”. with that said…its only a one lb extractor where your moving only 5lbs of gas or . While 3/8 of an inch is better…with that small amount of butane…its not gonna make a huge difference in time with with 1/4 or 3/8


I noticed a difference changing to 3/8 from 1/4. But i did have alot of restrictions with my 1/4 setup. I probably could have stayed at 1/4 and just fixed the restricted points and been just fine.


The saying is you get 40% more threw a 3/8 line as a 1/4" line and this is at 100% efficiency. So lets look at the math of this for reference.

Lets say your moving passive threw a system with 1/4" lines. Lets say recovery time is 5-6mins per lb of gas to be pretty conservative. We can use the 6 mins per lb to calculate the time saving at 100% efficiency then work off that number cause no one is 100% efficient at this.

So a 1lb system should be able to recover 5lbs of gas in about 30 mins using 6mins per lb. Lets say your 40% faster. so you drop 12 mins off that time. At 100% efficiency you gain back 12 mins per run. Now lets be conservative with that number ans say we only operate at 80% efficiency. We now your only saving 6 mins per run.

This is how i look at this. NOW if we look at this same problem with a 5lb system…moving 25lbs of gas…this can save 30 to 45 mins per run which is pretty significant.


Even with my restrictions i was 4mins a lb. Warm water bath temps made the biggest difference.


just trying to be conservative so people see the real numbers as like a worse case scenerio. I do it passive in about the same time 3-5 mins per lb depending on my warm water bath…

But people i think should be aware of these time differences when considering going bigger lines and conversions as these can be costly.


What temp do you recover… Seems to take me. 45 min no matter what I do…

I have feeling if I can get collection set off bottom cooler to get water under it would really help


My pot has legs, submerged almost completely. But i use a pump, not smart enough for passive :smiley:

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Place your pot on to Some pieces of anything iT really helps the thermodynamics of your warm bath


Didnt i show you these. They are bucket dirt traps for washing cars.

They keep your collection off the bottom



I was super StoneD that night lmao

Just got it


Awesome!! Thanks guys. I ask because I ordered 3/8 everything (was suggested to me by a more experienced extractor) when system arrived, it was reduced to 1/4 after every valve and the hose was also 1/4. When I spoke with them they told me even their 10lb was 1/4 " and was questioning me if I was sure if I wanted that or not… haha I basically told them to ship me what I ordered. So they are sending 3 new hoses and 3/8 jic’s