2kg CBN isolate available, 100g minimum make offer

2kg CBN isolate available feel free to make an offer via pm, 100g minimum.

Please pm for any questions, I’d rather not clutter this thread up.

Full coa can be provided via pm as well.

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Does this help for sleep? I need something. Oc crap doesn’t/ has not worked.


With thc its great, alone not so much IMO

Mix it with some 9 or 8

I think you have the correct answer here? But I’m pretty sure his comment was a back handed joke that fell flat cause on earlier post people were mocking cbn trying to say it doesn’t work for what people say it does.

For me personally it helps me relax so I can turn my brain off and go to sleep. Others it may do nothing. But then again this post isn’t about sleep it’s about the sale of cbn.

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I was just giving @Demontrich a suggestion as I have super bad insomnia sometimes too and pure cbn isolate didn’t help till I mixed it with some thc

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I know you were I said I agree with you. You didn’t see the other post on a different post. He was trying to be funny. Knocking cbn

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