25kg of 95% CBC Distillate For Sale

We have 25+ kg of CBC distillate in stock and priced to sell. Please DM for pricing and COA

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How much?


Every time i see “DM for pricing” i read it as “we are gonna see how much we can fuck you”


@tenhemp We are not trying to fuck anyone, that is not how we do business. We are here to build relationships and help service supply chains. We have been in the industrial hemp business since 2016 and have plenty of long-lasting business relationships that have been fruitful for years. We are relatively new to this forum and are trying our best to learn the ins/outs and post appropriately. I’m sorry if that aspect of our post offends you or anyone else.


well, if you have nothing to hide with your pricing, why hide it behind a dm? In my experience (and many others) a company that chooses to not be transparent is hiding something

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You are free to discuss pricing or ANYTHING privately. Don’t be intimidated by our Regulars. Come on guys let’s give @Ruderalis710 a chance to do business with our community and not beat them up right out the gate.


We are giving them a chance. A chance to not try to play smoke and mirrors games and be transparent



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One image is me holding the sample today, the other more professional looking one is from our marketing manager earlier this week.

I am waiting to get the e-mail from our chemist on this batch’s chromatogram. I will post that as soon as I have it (most likely not until Monday). I have included our in house analytics from our last batch. We use the Shimadzu Hemp Analyzer LC high sensitivity method. There is a typo on the report which is being fixed. THCv not THVC.

We will always be transparent with everyone. We are here to do business with professionals in the industry. We do prefer that all of our customers have businesses licensed appropriately in the industry.

Thank you all for looking. I’m looking forward to learning alongside everyone and hopefully meeting and doing business with some.

If anyone has any questions, concerns, or hesitations please do not hesitate to DM me.

CBC Isolate.PDF (41.1 KB)

Keeping pricing private keeps the market from plummeting. I say good on ya @Ruderalis710 keep that pricing private :slight_smile:


Thank you @steelrollin We appreciate your response and recommendation to keep it private