20L Solvent Pro Rotos, refurbished and shipped from central USA! BARGAIN BIN!

DM me I got a great deal on these and am looking to get em moved.
I can include a parts kit to use a 15gal keg as a receiving flask if ya wanna.


PM me pics and price plz

Got any links??? Or pictures??


literally the same chinese rotovap that everyone has RE2002 or whatever the solvent vap model is with the wheels, looks just like an AI. not UL. limited number available its a one off situation

Any more left?

You got these still? Got a couple clients that would probably take them all

Yes I can call the warehouse tomorrow

Lmk bout them

can you dm price info!

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Dm me too! Thanks

can you dm price info!

They’re $3950 and I’m taking my vacation see y’all in three weeks. Ill answer emails rowan@luminarymedicineco.com

To those who are coming out to black rock- find me at 5:30 and D - DPW ghetto bar - someone there will know how to get a hold of me.