2019 Hemp acreage


This will be my first time growing her out. They’re feminized seeds. I’m hoping to get them big enough to clone off before planting time. I’ve heard good things about her tho. What other strains are you guys running or have experience with? The only hemp strains I’ve flowered are baox, Otto II, and berry blossom. All three were taller satuva leaning plants with airy buds. Fairly resinous tho. I’m excited for some Suzy q seeds I’ve got. Hoping I find one that can be grown out as hemp


Cherry wine is OK but we lost about 35% to sclerotinia



Yes star of peter is an “industrial hemp strain” that i got from somebody in mendo when i was buying THC seeds.

I have never found any info on it online, only from the guy i got it from but he had crazy flavors


I want a sativa stature to resist mold mildew etc and i will be planting different plots on different dates to see which works the best


You’ll have to let us know how the star of peter turns out. Did your Mendo guy mention the lineage? I agree with you on sativas for mold resistance. I’m in western Washington and our falls can get pretty wet. The airy bud structure of Otto and baox should do great. I’m planning on running mostly clones of these two and a handful of other strains to see how they do.


@drake how many acres are you planting? What are you going to do to make sure you dont have any issues with the law? I have a ton of clones going and want to plant them but it seems like the licensing regulations won’t be in place til around august.

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Yo dm me your LL results and I’ll take a look at em. Will trade BCSR amendment Rx for your best Suzy cut :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Right now im just working on genetics and waiting on the state like we all are. We plant most of our land every year regardless i was just going to delegate some acreage to hemp this year. If we have to do R & D this year and plant next year so be it.

DM me if you have any extra plant stock to get rid of


Do you have a COA and of what varieties and pricing, send email if easier.


We just got the license today!! In search of some good CBD rich seed. Let me know what you got and what you want for it!


I got my license yesterday. I’m in Saginaw and interested in the drain tile tech for hemp. Shoot me a dm if you consult


I found my seed or actually my seed found me! Letsgrowhemp.com

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They have a nice selection. That Suzy q is a must have in your collection for future crosses. I like the guys below. Good prices good folk.


Suzy q has a strong resistance to pathogens. The company drake posted sells it.


Rockvale… right down the road from me. welcome.


@SpringCreek We’re about six hours away. It’s so cool how the plant is connecting so many people


Yeah. I am in Middle TN about 25 miles out of Nashville. toward Knoxville. :metal:


Good to meet you, neighbor. :fist_right:t3:

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Damn their seed is spendy. What made you decide on that company? Which strains did you end up with? The website doesn’t have much information on them.


Many of my most prized clones come from breeders associated with that company. I have only had the absolute best results from them in the past and i have every reason to believe their hemp seeds are top notch :trophy::trophy::trophy: