2019 Hemp acreage


Lemme know if you need seeds! We have 30:1 cbd feminazed available (hemp) and a lot of them.


Do the samples have to be taken with/from the water standing? Take samples of the water or the soil? How many samples per acre or field?

What type of amendments will you be recommending? Nitrates? Phosphates? Im more concerned with soil microbial health than actual mineral content.


What varieties do you have? Is there a catalog available? Ive been looking for genetics since last year asking around and learning what i can.

Im looking to do test runs right now and production in spring time with a mix of plants and seeds


Let me check with the crew at the farm. I’m in Nevada city right now and don’t have that information


30:1 doesnt sound like a hemp ratio. Is it 9%CBD and .3%THC?

I was thinking more like a 15% cbd and .1-.2%thc that would be like 75-150:1 CBD:THC


Samples can be taken anytime. https://www.loganlabs.com/doc/Soil%20Sampling%20Instructions.pdf

Yes microbial life is essential, but microbes don’t create elements. They do make them available to plants. There’s lots of literature out there on BCSR balancing, tiedjens and albrecht are some of the classics.

Calcium:magnesium ratio is the place to start. It’s also the cheapest to buy the inputs (lime, gypsum)



Phytonyx_2018_Seed_Catalog_-_Draft_1.pdf (6.1 MB)


wow great info there short and to the point

“upon close inspection, you will not find a higher quality industrial hemp seed producer in the world.”

they certainly come the most highly recommended


OGkush CBD please! where do i sign?? LOL


I saw a bubba kush hemp cross and I know Dina fem has a CBD og cross but I am a stickler for west coast genetics when it comes to thc, or at least what available to me…


I’ve been needing some help in breaking down my Logan lab report . I was thinking of calling our state universitys ag program and seeing if they could help. I just need to know what sort of amendments I’m gonna need per acre. This is our first year growing CBD hemp in WA and first stab at growing cannabis on s large scale.


This was last week theyre in pots now got 24/24 to sprout thanks @masonic_smoker


What seeds are these?


U gonna plan strait in ground or start in trays and transplant?


Im growing these out in containers they will be clone donors


They are otto x baox fresh seed stock and doing well

The star of peter hasnt cracked yet. I dont know the age or viability of them tho


Boax is a great disease resistant variety


Nice! Is star of peter a hemp strain too? I picked up a pack each of BaOx and Otto II from CBD seed Co. they sell 14 seed tins. I flowered them indoors after taking clones. They’re longer flowering plants than I’d like but the flowers were nice. Found a purple Otto that Was the most resinous, but I’ve yet to test the final flower. Sounds like we might be in the same boat. I’ve been collecting hemp strains for the past year and just got my hemp license. This spring will be our first year with all new genetics.

these are my latest ones, T1 and therapy.


T 1 is a beautiful plant got a couple hundred mother’s have never grown it out