2016' Precision PX1 30k


Have a COMPLETE turn key 2016 Precision PX1.
Has 5 pound material Column, 20 pound jacketed Solvent tank, jacketed dewax Column, jacketed recovery vessel, and rack for it all to be mounted on. Also included is the precision Punisher GC5000 recovery pump, Precision RH-13 heater recirculator, Julabo C-50 chiller, and molecular sieve vessel.
Also has 2 ASME high pressure clamps on the collection vessel, and the dewax column.

Also comes with extras:
Allegro 8" explosion proof fan
60Lb infinity recovery solvent tank
Fieldpiece wireless refrigerant scale(2 of these)
120lb loading tank
Brand new gasket set(purchased a new gasket set but never used the system much)
Full hose set for chiller/heater/px1 system
Bucket of molecular sieve

Here is equipment sitting in storage in my garage:



So sad you spent so much on the chiller and it only -40



Interested in your ovens if you’ll part those separate from the extractor.

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we’ve got it down to -50 before



Is this still available?