200lb extractor closed loop

In what time frame?
This will get it done but not in one run. That’s a lot of liters

what about in a week. can it produce 100 liters? just wanna have accurate details before purchasing. Thanks for reaching out.

Ultimately yield is dependent on your biomass quality.

Like stated above you will yield 12.5 liters a run if your yield is only 1 oz per pound.
Depending on how you plan on recovering is going to decide how many runs you can get done in a day. Most likely 1 run a day on a system that large. But that is way bigger then I’ve ever done so I’ll let someone with more knowledge then me chime in

Any decent setup will allow you to do 2-3 runs per day as long as you can effectively switch out the material column

2-3 runs a day ? that is equal to how many liters a day?

200lb extractor how much can i get a complete set…

How would you recover 1000lb of solvents fast enough to run 3 times in a day?
That’s nuts

IF you did 3 runs you would probably get around 18-19 liters (12.5 lb x 3 runs)

Also to correct my first comment.
You would get 12.5 lbs per run not liters.
That would be a little over 6 liters per run at 1oz of oil per pound of biomass

That’s at 6% return rate, I hope he’s not running pure trash…

Even at 3 lbs a min recovery that’s 5.5 hours…maybe only run 4 lbs per pound that’s only 4.4 hours then could maybe pull three runs per long day… I think socks would be required, I would be packing more tubes as the solvent is recovering, maybe be constantly processing more tubes when there’s space in the collection pot. Make that bitch work for 16 hours days

Tons of variables involved.
Hydrocarbon yields can range greatly, due mainly to the quality of the starting material.

10% yield would give you 20lbs of oil, or roughly 10 liters.
That run would probably take around 4-5 hours though with the amount of solvent you’d have to use… That’s like 800lbs of tane…
So, running 24 hours per day, maybe 30-40 liters per day or so. 200 liters is definitely doable in a week, with a 200lb extractor, as long as 1.) you are not running complete shit material and getting terrible yields, 2.) getting at least 3 runs in per 24 hours.

Filtration is another story though, unless you have that in-line.

Recovery rates are limited by the diameter of your connection, then heating and cooling efficiency. As long as you have the power you can do anything

If you’re just making crude, ethanol setup would be much more time efficient.


^^ yep

looking to produce crude and distillate

i will need your advice to have a successful first run. am still looking to purchase the 200lb extractor machine.

I would recommend alcohol extraction over butane. You will be much happier

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I’d only recommend butane when making connoisseur products

How much are you paying for the machine? Ethanol may be a better option if you’re going to drop 100k on just steel alone and I feel like that number is a bit low for just the “steel”


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