200 kgs of etOH extracted CBD crude

Hey everyone, I have 200 kgs of etOH extracted CBD crude testing between 50-60% CBD. COAS are available upon request. Priced to move quickly. Thanks

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Price per liter?

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Were selling it at $900/ L

Why so low?

Warm extracted and fairly raw and unfiltered right?


Probably not decarbed or winterized or scrubbed. That’s why I can’t wait to corner the crude market at like 1250-1500 for golden crude for the next 2 months :ok_hand::ok_hand::fire:


I ask because I think I talked to someone who was trying to broker this to me and kept telling me “it’s the lowest price for crude I’ve seen” and I was like “no it’s not, the lowest price is how much they’re asking before you tack your stupid brokerage fee onto it”



lol. Plus all the work your gonna have and all the loss in winterization and shit

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Make your own thread and get verified ya mook. Don’t jump on someone else’s thread :thread:


Crude is sold. It was decarbed, reclaimed low and slow under vacuum, preserving terps, raw unwinterized. Testing between 53% - 60% :+1:t3:

@Rowan didnt know you were a buyer, if ever in need of crude feel free to reach out to me directly :call_me_hand:t3:

Sometimes folks want more crude than I care to supply so I like to help folks out and find deals n whatnot. Always scouting

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So biomass has next to no terpene profile present to begin with. So what terps were you preserving exactly…? Like under 4% terpene profile. Generally smells like hay or grass. So that’s kind of silly. Low and slow to preserve color maybe ?


@siosis the biomass were extracting varies, alot of the stuff hung in barns to dry seems to have a really nice nose vs crop sent through the dryer. Had a couple terp reports come back with great results

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Good results being what level of terpene content by weight?