2 Spray Vaps for Sale $47,500 each (less $5K if cash paid upon pickup)

SprayVap™ is a closed-loop, continuous, patent-pending falling film alcohol evaporation system that separates liquids from other liquids and solids based on vapor pressures and concentrates the non-volatilized liquids and solids into an oil concentrate while reproofing the alcohol.

A tincture is fed into the system by way of a peristaltic pump (40). A vacuum system (40) is used to maintain a vacuum in the system. The vacuum is pulled through either 36a or 38a. A recirculating hot water system maintains the temperature in both the evaporator column (12) through 44a and 44b and oil collection flask (21). The recirculating chiller maintains the temperature in the main condenser (26) and secondary condenser (32) between -5C and 20C. The tincture is metered into the system and flows through the spray nozzle (16), which sets up the falling film in the evap sphere (14). The falling film moves into the evaporator column (18) and releases 99.9+% of the ethanol. The vapor moves upward through (28) and is condensed in (26), however,
we have the secondary condenser (32) to condenser vapor that made it through the main condenser (26). The distillate flows through the auxiliary distillate flask (30) into the main distillate collection vessel (34). The concentrated oil is collected (20) and mixed by magnetic
stirrer (22) until collection occurs.

Why does your post reference numbers that are not identified in any of the pictures?

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Good Point. Thank you Scoobie for posting the diagram. Sr. moment on my part. :)!