2 RotaChrom iCPC and an rCPC for sale

Item Model/Manufacturer:RotaChrom
Description: 3 units total, complete sytems. One gently used pCPC, One new in boxes pCPC, an one small scale rCPC complete sytem. pCPCs are $900,000 a piece $100,000 for the rCPC alone. $1,500,000 for all three.
Price/MSRP: $1,500,000
Current location of item:Tualatin Oregon
Estimated lead time: 10 Days
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller
User support / Warranty:


For the new in box model you might consider approaching a process equipment reseller like fedequip or aaronequipment to get some more exposure with pharma companies.


what’s the reason for selling?

not as high throughput as they advertised? or technical issues achieving the separation you needed? some other reason?

We just don’t need them. We have had them for a while and never set them up.

2 pCPC units (iCPC units with all solvent equipment etc…)

I can’t imagine buying 2 million dollars worth of equipment and never setting it up. Y’all looking to hire someone to set it up?

To cash in on this booming minor market and compete against synthetic?

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We are tossing the idea of setting one up around.
company is in a transition period right now though. There is also talk of working out a deal with some other lab where we sell or loan the equipment and take a percentage of what is made with it.

PMd ya

You can’t cash in on anything if you don’t set up the equipment and run it lol

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