2" Pope drive belt specs?


Does anybody know the drive belt size specs for the 2" Pope? I’d like to avoid paying proprietary prices.




we may have some belts here


Not sure about what proprietary prices means. Just contact pope about a replacement price and stop wasting time.


I was just wondering if there was a way for me to pay $5 to cheaply have a few on hand instead of $40 each from Pope. It’s not like I’ve been waiting here with baited breath and a broken belt in my hand.


I suspect in the case of belts for a Pope one is paying a “science” tax rather than the more expensive “cannabis specific markup” than seems standard in this industry. Pretty sure Pope buys belts rather than manufactures them, so presumably there is a direct source.


I think lilibel may have meant quit being a cheapo. It’s an effing pope


Haha, I get that too. We work in a high-overhead industry but not everything has to be expensive just for the sake of it. @cyclopath hit the nail on the head. There’s nothing particularly special about the belt, it’s just a matter of sizing it correctly. The design of the drive is not the best, and belt replacements are fairly regular.


@Apothecary36 I am a strong believer in “Opportunity Cost.”

Opportunity cost is a benefit missed when an investor, individual or business chooses one alternative over another.”

In this case I mean Opportunity cost (for those who don’t know) when you lose the time you could have spent making money to the pursuit of saving money.

If I spend $40 or even $160 on belts from Pope that are overnighted to me for $30 ($190 total at this point), then I get cranking again the next day, I make $10,000+ within the same day (at least I hope you’re cranking that much out, if not call me) instead of twiddling around the internet trying to find a $35 savings.

I don’t know the specifics of this persons situation, but when I say stop wasting time, that is the intent/meaning behind what I’m typing. The only reason I responded was because I was tagged otherwise I would not have gotten involved.

Opportunity cost people. Can you do a $5,000/hr job, or a $50.00/hr job? Think about it.


I don’t have a pope but have speced belts for CNC machines before. I’d be surprised if a dealer like stock drive products (SDP) doesn’t carry them or a suitable replacement. May need to break out the caliper and get good measurements in order to figure out sizing.


I understand 100% where you are coming from. I see people with huge hourly value wasting time on bullshit all the time. Our Popes are not our primary equipment. If they were, and I was in a rush, you’re right, this post would have been stupid and pointless.


Glad that you can see my point, and I of course meant no offense to anyone personally. If you need some dosing pumps let me know :smiley: