2 lb closed loop - $500 if local

2 lb closed loop system for sale/trade for a Rosin press.

Standalone system. Ball valve in-between column and collection pot, composed of glacier tank parts.

  • & - pressure gauge on column and collection. Takes about 1 hrs 15 min from start to finish passively (dumping last 10 psi usually lose half a lb.)

1x 7-8ft injection line w/ valve half way
2x 3ft-ish 4k psi yellow jacket hose lines
3x 3x36 columns
2x 27ish lb mastercool tanks(total weight)

No gas but run ready besides

I’ll throw in the cooler used to heat the collection and a few home depot buckets fit the tanks perfectly.


What are you looking to get for it?

I see a lot of them go for 2500 without the solvent tanks and hose lines. I’d be willing to go a little under that with all the pieces(make an offer.) Would discount the shipping if i had to, willing to drive a few hours in any direction away from LA

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Bump 1500

Not interested, but maybe pics will help drum up some inquiries?


What’s that saying again about how many words pics are worth?


What size is the collection? I might be interested in floating an offer if you post some pictures of what you’re working with.

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When I’m back in my town in a day ill post it.

6x12 on a 6x4 shatter platter. Forgot to mention the injection lines valve is only rated to -20 so ill throw in a another hose line i have sitting around.


Excuse my lazy ass, just got a lot going on rn. This is it not pieced together minus the collection If it interests anyone as is id let it go 750 rn.

Edit :


You wanna trade for some Lab Society 2L SPD glass, and stuff?

$600 anywhere local to LA(CA) ill meet


Just missing this piece

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Is this a DIY mk4?

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What kind of rosin press are you looking for? I have a couple hydraulic ones im not using rn


Exactly this lady was pieced in 2013.


Purepressure / Sasquash would be tiight but anything like those styles would likely do. Maybe Rosintech.

They are from 2017 they were demo units not much use on them

This one is 13000# its a double
the smaller one is 5000# its a single


Is this still available? I would need it sent to Oregon but I’d pay shipping if your still willing to let it go for $750


Bump. Prefer to sell considering trades that are within a few hr drive from LA/Coachella valley

I’ve still got that SPD stuff if you want to trade!