1lb system $1200 OBO

Homies looking to sell a 1# setup. All you need is hoses and recovery/ solvent tank for full closed loop. Pickup only. Sacramento area. System is 3" x 36" spool with bowl reducer. 1.5" valve with 1" bore. 8" base with shatter platter(can run roughly a 10/1 ratio.) 1/4 valves/ gauge. Comes with viton gaskets and high pressure clamps.

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I’ve got some SPD gear listed if you homie wants to do a trade…

He might wanna come down on the price a bit.

A brand new killa system is 1300, with a stainless steel tank.


My 2 lb has been up for cheaper w/ all the accessories and I still can’t get it off :sob::sweat_smile:.


Important questions.

How many runs on it? Did you recently pressure and vacuum test the unit for 24 hours, if so how many much psi did you hold it at? Is that name brand or hodgepodge? Do you have any plans on replacing that 1" shut off under the column before you sell it? The duct tape doesn’t seem too safe or appealing. What size and material are the filters under the column?

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That’s a product feature yo…

Will be pressure testing next weekend myself. Have ran system with him before so i know its safe. Tape is there because extra cushion was taped to valve handle

Filter is just basic filter plate. I do have a 1 micron or 5 micron sintered filter from killa though