1K L/month licensed distillate available, starting in 3 months time. Looking to line up some customers.

Hey all,
One of my licensed sites is going online in a few months time.
I am in direct control of all operations on the licensed site.
I am producing Cat2, clean, ethanol extracted distillate. Looking at a few thousand liters per month avail. I have direct sales control of at least 1K liters per month, to start, at the last 2 months of 2018.

You can DM me or call/text me at 1(833) MAKE-OIL

This is a legitimate license to license only dealing. Looking to set up LOI’s, and eventually a proof of funds. We will be accepting wire transfers only at this time. Only providing sales to licensed manufacturers or distributors in California.

Prices vary according to market value at the time of the offer being made. We are able to go as low as any other licensed manufacturer can go, though.
Full Trellis track and trace integration is being implemented at this site.

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Please dm me- I texted a few weeks ago but no response and I have Lois coming out of my ears w large licensed clients

Hello, need a legitimate LAB that can produce CAT2 distillate 50L - 100L weekly. We have vetted buyers. Can send I have LOI and POF verified and the last lab we were working with decided they could not take on new clients. So please let me know if real lab here and we are ready to go. Again this will be license to license deal. Serious clients. Please serious labs only. Thank you. Pm me 949-371-9445. or email info@allianceoc.com.

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Macscientist give us a call 323-978-3816

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sounds good can we set up a time to discuss the next step…

Looking for cat2 distillate and CBD isolate , in holding LOI on 1000kilos of CBD a month and 1000 liters Cat2 a month , I will work with smaller suppliers 200-500 liters a month .
Coa and live proof required
Located in Newport Beach California

Minimum orders that I have are 250 liters of license to license cat2 distillate .if someone can provide that or has ability to manufacture 1000 liters a month I have a buyer that will contract that . Also I can find trim to process . 714-912-6546

We are 8 weeks from launch with a Type 6 capable of producing 1200-1500 liters of CAT3 distillate per month. I’m in Sacramento in search of LOIs for B2B purchases. I’m looking for a consistent relationship with buyers built on trust and loyalty. Call or text me at 512.921.7033. We look forward to doing business with your team! Thanks

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