150 Plant Count... How Would You Setup?

Hey everyone!.. Anyone following the proposed PA legalization bills? Seen Senator Daylin Leach speaking on the topic recently and seems they are pushing for some of the best REC regs in the NE! They plan to make Craft Grows available to any and all PA residents. 150 plant count with no limit on canopy space!

Not knowing how the industry will shape out I’m having trouble figuring out the best way to setup 150 plants to be most productive.

My first thought was to do 4 under 35 DE’s but the veg on this would eat right into my 4th round, forget a 5th! Don’t have much experience/knowledge on perpetual growing so maybe someone could suggest something here.

I’m sure there will be people running nurseries but being a new market and me moving from another state I can’t plan on that.

It would be great to hear from some of the guru’s on how they would lay out something of this size. Not looking for secret tips here just a discussion that maybe can get me thinking a little different.

Sounds like 2-person Michigan medical teams with 2 full decks of cards. 72 in veg and 72 in flower. With experience, a lot of folks pull 400-500 lb/ year.


What about the babies? Wouldn’t you have three rooms?

Edit: I have no experience with big grows. I am genuinely asking. Had to edit, my post could have seemed combative.

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How much overhead has METRC put on those types of operations?

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Do you want to harvest the entire grow at once or little by little? Two rooms… veg/clone and a flower… stagger the move to the flower so you can harvest a portion every month or every two months… or… just harvest all at once…

How do you get 400-500 off 72 plants? My avg is 1.5-1.8# but that’s 12 per. Assuming I can pull the same with 4 (high hopes?) and 5 harvests per yr, that’s only 135# total for the yr. If I were to do 3 runs of 35 with 4 per that would be 157.5

Is this a private company that helps set up regs? Their site leaves some questions.

Man power wise it would be cheapest to harvest all at once rather than having a full time person coming in weekly. I have to do as much myself as possible. Though it’s all about what is most productive at end of yr so I’m open to a different lay out. The plant count thing really has me lost. I’ve only run 12+ under DE’s so going from that to 4 is a big change. I’d assume that be a 6-8 week veg.

Life would be so much easier if I had a nursery guy but can’t structure things around that.

Looking at a budget of around 150k max to get things started.

Half in veg half in flower

Harvest every 60 days

One light per plant in flower

Should be able to pull close to a lb pert plant with good genetics.

Smash 150 in whatever size room you can build every 60 days and veg for a few weeks and flip. Yikes will be based on lighting.

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Best way to set it up would be to have a veg room where you can grow them. A dedicated flower room will get 5 harvest a year maybe 6 with the right strain and crew.


They run the seed to sale database for several states, and Washington D.C.

They also sell the tags/labels for plants, and packages

I think caregivers in Michigan are in a transition period. I’m not sure how much of the seed to sale tracking they need to do.

Metrc is Michigan’s statewide seed-to-sale marijuana tracking system that uses serialized tags attached to every plant — and labels attached to wholesale packages — to track marijuana inventory. Each tag is attached to a plant to facilitate tracking through different stages of growth, as well as the drying and curing processes, and eventual retail sale.

numbers restrictions with no sq. ft. restrictions? grow trees. massive rdwc rigs, as many lights as you can handle. 50 in veg, 50 in flower#1, and 50 in flower#2 and just keep them moving. time your clones to root just as you are harvesting a flowering group. unless you can veg offsite or under a different license or something

This is the best way

This is also the most expensive way

I grew 16 plants like this back in the day and it crushed. I now put 48 under 24 lights. I just didn’t have the square footage to do 1 per light even if I could afford the equipment and buildout and hvac.

This is def something I’m looking into. Would be perfect to have a second licensee do the veg.

Yes expensive it correct.

Curious to those who have done it, what is the veg time on 1 plant per light?

it definitely isnt the cheapest. the build will hurt for sure, and it does require a lot of real estate. but if its operated properly, you will be whole and then some within a year (or less)

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you could always do it the old fashioned way, too (blow out a basement or two with vegging plants and keep quiet about it). it would be a bitch moving big plants around, but it could probably be done

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4 weeks in a 2-3 gallon from a clone

4 more weeks in a 7-20 gallon pot

You can add a few weeks of veg time where appropriate

The key is topping(fimming) and super-cropping and canopy management.

I knew a guy who did these big old 2 layer cattle panel cages supported by pvc and he mad a single plant fill up a 4x4 area quite nicely.

I did similar with bamboo and trellis and green wire


This sounds just right. I would go from a 3 gallon to a 32 gallon tote. 8 weeks total veg time. Rock super cropping hard. Top as needed on super dominate branches.

I used 2x4 wire fencing for the first layer and basic 6x6 fabric netting for the second. Each plant had its own roller and was self contained.

Now I prefer 3 layers of the 6x6 fabric netting, regardless if I’m growing tons of plants or monsters. It’s way easier to re adjust branches etc with this stuff.

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On the money. Consider using plants with a “strategic stretch” plants that grow rapidly the first few weeks after being kicked into flower to reduce potential veg time somewhat. Gmo comes to mind with a nice strategic stretch (garlic cookies), although it takes longer then most other strains to finish so it kind of defeats the purpose with helping get faster rounds out


Can’t say I haven’t thought about it just that I want to live a stress free life. I’m sick of hiding and moving in secret. It’s fuked me up over the yrs, stress, hiding, jail, I’m done with that. I did a summer on the run back in 2007, I swear I lost at least 5 yrs off my life from the stress.