14 lbs of trim for sale

We have 14lbs of special sauce trim for prerolls for sale. Looking to get $100 a lbs. Looking for help to get these off my hands.

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Where are you located?

Material is in North carolina

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Can and will be shipped anywhere in the US

still have?

100/lb for hemp trim is expensive nowadays

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Especially when lbs are 200-300

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do you know where those are at? Kush.com and hemp.rawmarket.place/ or are there others

@SoIL_Farms comes to mind

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Its funny reading about people posting trim thats good for pre rolls and helping confirm why I was never satisfied from a single pre roll ever, from anyone…


we at least use actual smokeable flower, admittedly some of it is less popular varieties we are trying to move. In general pre rolls suck


3 dispos use the trim from my t4 when I process their harvests. It’s a mix of a few strains. Fans, sticks, good trim all ground up and rolled. I’m talking 20#+ trim every chop.

I’ve never smoke it.


All those general words being used lets them market them as “Hybrid”, which just means random garbage from all the strains. Its so bad when bought in bulk these pre rolls are as low as $1.65 when purchased by 100. They taste like bunk. The market is misleading to say the least.

yeah, we try to keep ours at least honest, even then we cant put our top flower out as prerolls nobody wants to pay for it. Everyone wants the $5/g preroll :confused:

Don’t even get me started about how fucked the gummy market is…