13%cbd 1% thca. now what?

hi all, great forum. any suggestions on how to best utilize a 44 plant high cbd grow. i have a 5lb cls i can use to make shatter or iso oil or just leave as bud. i know there is a shortage of high cbd just not sure how to best get it out there. thx

Explain 44 plant high cbd grow ?
And actually your whole question ? :grin:

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I think he might be asking best solution to get a High CBD Flower that might be considered “hot” ( due to the TCHA content) to market? Is the best solution creating a shatter, or and RSO type oil, or just sell the flower as is? ( Correct me if I’m wrong)

I would say just like THC-rich cannabis it depends on the core 6:
Tier/(Cultivation tek), Bud Structure , Aromatic Qualities, Potency ,Supply , and Manicure Quality.

If you’re hitting low on the charts for all of those categories I would suggest refining to an oil of some sort. Assuming you’re achieving 1.2 lb/ plant you have 52.8 lb of flower. Referring to those scoring charts would again determine value as well as the market you’re catering to. Assuming that you’ll sell that flower to someone for round $250/-$300/lb you’re sitting south of $13.5k. Refining it to a shatter and catering to that niche market might bring a higher premium. I’m not cognizant of those prices in the market currently, but if I had to guess I’d say $30/g retail. If you’re selling to a brick and mortar you’re making $15/g so determine your shatter yield and apply to the rubric and determine which is more cost effective, profitable and easiest to achieve for your situation.


you got it curador and thx, that was my question i guess is how to get the most value from a cbd grow. i’ve been doing some math and kind of answered my own question.1lb bud=2000$ or 1lb bud in to bho=120 grams, the dispensary i work for would sell bud at aprox 10$ a gram for bud and 40$ a gram for bho so by my poor math its 4500 vs 4800$. i’ll just have to wait and see what the budtenders say there is a need for. thx

little confused on how 1lb of bud in bho = 120g if its only 14% cannabinoids. My math puts me at your gonna be lucky if you get 50g per lb.

I think your gonna be suprised when you ask someone for $2k for CBD flower. More like a 20th of that, and bound to go down more.

I think if your really trying to get the most out of it. You gonna need to take it to Isolate. Extracting the terpenes before hand and making terpsolate also might maximize your harvest.

Another source of income would be to clone the shit out of your plants and sell clones for extra money.


CBD “smokable” Flower is doing $400 a # right now.


Theres a few slinging elbows for under 600 for hand trimmer cbd flower on here.

you could be right killa as i have not ran this strain through the extractor it may not do the same as 25%thc strain in yield. it does look equal in quality with amount of crystals and size of bud so i have no reason to think it would yield less. here in ontario our dispensary buys cbd for the same price as thc weed. its all about how it tests and bag appeal. 2000 is an average for good quality here and we dont get cbd strains in nearly enough