12in Welded Sintered Disk

I need a 12in welded Sintered disk 1um-3um. thanks.

Hello TerpTeamofficial, When you say welded, do you want a solid ring of stainless steel around the sintered disk? We can make these for you. Thanks, Greg gregh@heyesfilters.com

yes I need ity welded in a 12in filter stack

Hi TerpTeamofficial, still not picturing this 100%, can you send me a dwg by chance? Thanks, Greg gregh@heyesfilters.com

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HEllo I need it like this but 12in

Thank you, how many of these would you need? Greg

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just 1

Ok, thanks. Greg

Were you able to provide the welded 12"? I would be interested in one as well.

Yes, the item is;
316L Stainless steel, 12" spool with 2um sintered titanium disc (2mm thick)
See picture. I’ll send you the pricing separatly. Thank you Greg