$1275 Gorgeous Bud for sale Temecula

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Hey cop :wave: lol


Calling bullshit those are to cheap that’s a cop for sure

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White widow 1 and 2 :skull::skull::skull:

I love the email.



Commercial cannabis businesses are prohibited in the City of Temecula. This includes commercial medicinal, recreational, cultivation activities and scientific uses (i.e., dispensaries, laboratories, etc.)

Please visit the Temecula Municipal Code for detailed information.

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Cop or worse, someone trying to jump you.

The company and LIC registered with the bcc are out of long Beach.

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But even better is the 1295 he finna save you 5 dollars on a pound to competitors lmao. Im thinking he/she is a new scammer. He is using whatsapp. and its copy pasted images due to the (1). none, (3), Plus who the fuk grows 5 boxes and doesn’t have buyers who worked them up that point. He also double dipped numbers saying actually numbers than stating boxes. Plus So cali ops with this kind of rookiness would of been popped already. It kind of looks like a cop but it kind of looks like a dumbass.

I feel like most people i met in cali are black market rookies :man_facepalming:t2::man_shrugging:t2:


Hey now, don’t lump me into into the same group as #PossibleCop over there

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You’re right. there is a reason. Over here it’s people vs people and unlike most states it’s people vs cops. They can get off lightly over here for big charges unlike for instance where I’m from you get caught with two grams in two different bags. That’s a felony.

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Hahaha I was thinking the same thing. I feel like if you are someone who is having that large of a harvest then you have people already ready to buy from previous years you’ve grown. No one has boxes like that and has to resort to the internet for sales :joy:

Lmao a sucker is born every day. They already stated they are a cop in a above deleted comment but how he said it was a passive threat. Unless they running amateur hour and gave the rookie a shot on the key board I’m betting a scammer. They dropped balls on saying there :bacon:. I looked at previous post they wrote, hours of usage, them stating to be a female annie. I’m guessing this is a scam. It’s way to sloppy for cops unless its

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