1225 ccell carts and 500 clamshells

I have 1225 ccell carts and about 500 clamshells. I’m getting out of the business and selling what few items I have left. Take all for $1000. Carts are 1 gram and have the black ceramic tips.

Ccells are cheap now. Can find them for less then that from a store

Where can you get them that cheap?

Now I know you speak nonsense.

Down town la all day everyday. These are knock offs

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Your retarded. Just because you dont have the source im speaking nonsense ok

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These arent real ccells lol.
You really think somone is going to sell almost $4k of legit ccells with 500 packs for a grand lol

We can all find dirt ccell clones if we wanted to. If these are authentic CCells produced by Jupiter Research, then its a good deal. I’m assuming that is not the case.


Yup. Well if people looked at the op other posts he posted like last week they would know that these are knock offs

The large factory I got them from does a ton of work that required that. I just jumped on their larger order. I believe they are from same factory in China as Jupiter but not Jupiter. That’s what I was told.

super custy story



this watch is from the same exact factory as rolex and imma need about tree fitty


Good website … hahah

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I didn’t think these were legit Ccells.

Ok well you can get knock offs all day for 50-60 cents a pop… So which part makes me “nonsense”

@JackAlope hasn’t chimed back in. I just assumed these were smoore ccells since they didn’t state ccell clone. But yes the price seemed too good and yes China clone ccells can be found dirt cheap

In his other thread he said some custy story about how they are the same factory as ccell but not ccell blah blah blah.

I don’t think they are Jupiter’s no. Jupiter’s come branded on the bottom. You can think it’s a crusty story or not. Not looking to get into a fight over it. I’m getting out that’s why the price is good. Are they Jupiter’s no. Are they ccells yes. We ran thousands and thousands. This is what I have left. They are really good carts. And cheap. Take them or don’t. Oh and the same place that makes Jupiter makes ccells to get ccells in the states younhve to go through them. To get ccells in China you just have to go through the Manufacturer. Jupiter is a US distributor and source. Authentic ccells can be acquired outside of Jupiter.

Unbranded = knockoff = $.50 - .90 depending on how many you buy.


youre lying and trying to sell fake ccells as real Ccell does not sell direct stop trying to scam people