10l head on 1l set up

I’m just double checking that there isnt any draw back to going with a larger head on a smaller system, I have a 1l that I use to make single source cartridges. It’s full bore 24/40 and kf25 fittings all the way to the vac. Would there be any draw back by going with 45/50 bf to a 45/50 head back down to 24/40? Would it make any difference?

Try it out and let us know what happens! I’m guessing your speeds will be limited by the 24/40 joint but otherwise fine

You should be able to pull it off
IF your adapter and head are well insullated the vapor path gets extended so neef to keep the heat along the way
But deffenatly think it can be done

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Theres no adapter, its 45/50 flask and 45/50 head, is there a reason I cant post links?

Don t know ?
Well the head and path are so big i asume you ll need to pump heat in there
Making your fraqtions less clean
Guess it s good for a first pass
Doubt it s good for a second pass
But give it a shot :pray:

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I would strongly suggest not to do this unless you Wana have a bad time. You will probably over boil unwanted stuff. The largest head I’ve seen on a 2l was a 45/50 and the users were happy, some said any smaller and it caused issue.

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So you’re saying it would render less clean seperation? Or straight boiling over?

Well in this case it’s about converting a 45/50 to a 24/40 Wich would basically become a pool in the vigs and splash everything everywhere.


Got it. If kept 45/50 the whole time what would you think?

can you pack the head to aid in separation?

I would probably do 34 on a 1l and go to 45 on a 2l. I say this because a 34 is much more forgiving to run than a 45 on such a small flask.


What would you do for a 5L? I was thinking 45/50 for that… Now I’m thinking that may be a bit small

5 liter can handle 45 or 55 easily. No issues.

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So the concern is too murky of fractions and potentially having multiple fractions sitting idle in the head because of the downsize to 24? Even if it makes for a more difficult separation do you think it would increase my speed?