100lb BHO BHOGART CLS for Sale

Hello Future4200 Gang,

This page is to constitute an individual who is curious and is looking for a production system for a discount. I own a bho pilot system and we are switching over to even bigger. Im looking for 20-30k for the system, Its located in Las Vegas. All the tools and whistles except the pump.



Any questions or concerns, Just inquire within.



still up for grabs?

Hey Im interested in your bho bhogart system for sale. Is it still up for grabs? let me know asap thanks, happy toking

Calling that a one hundred pound closed loop is extremely misleading. That’s a 10 pound closed loop. Either way, I wish you the best and great luck selling it. :smiley:


I think he meant it can run 100 a day depending on how its ran

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Yeah I checked out the link and BHOgart advertises it as a 100lb closed loop because it can do 100 lbs a day.

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I dis over a 100 a day by myself with out the rack, if you know how and get it dialed its easy to bit 200 in 8hrs ive done it


Lol 100# a day

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