100 square feet perpetual harvest SOG


So this is the basic of my plan, please feel free to critique and let me know where I can improve.

I will be growing 64 clones per 25 sq feet.
Each 25 sq feet will be powered by a 650W led light (SF or Alibaba?)

Flowering Room 1 : 150 sq feet (100 sq feet grow area)
Flowering Room 2 : 150 sq feet

Watering will be through drip irrigate, growing media is coco+perlite.

Pot size : 6 inch squares.

I will be using dosatrons and pc drippers with arrow stakes.

Should I look into adding CO2?

What strains would be a match for this style of grow?

I am looking at 10lbs monthly from this

expectations seem a little lofty. You might want to experiment a bit and then scale up as you learn

Edit: If it was simple, everyone would do it… and they don’t


I’m currently running my 7th grow so I think I’ve got the basics under control and this doesn’t look like as big a jump.

I’m just increasing the plant count tbh.

Expectations of the yield you mean?

If you’ve got things dialed then yes you should look at adding co2. It’s the limiting factor for growth, you only stand to gain.

from the questions you asked I wouldn’t have thought it was your seventh grow… my bad.

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650w / 25 ft is not going to cut it. Your going to get right around 1.5-2g/watt. With the density your talking about I would be looking to add alot more light.

Short stout strains are going to be your best bet. And you are going to want to do something that flowers quicker and stays smaller. HSC jelly rancher comes to mind. Most will scoff but a nice new auto cross could bring some fresh flavor to your market and offer continuity with seeds and an option for dank hash.

If your squishing that many clones into 25sqft I would imagine your not going to be using a trellis, and should probably flower early, 12/12 from clone almost. The addition of CO2, some nice heat 90ish, and some heavy Feed should give you a nice sog.


You will harvest 1-2 lbs per light every 60- 70 days you flower. Closer to 2 with that many plants per sqft

If you want 10 lbs a month you need 2 flowers rooms with 5-10 lights each

Dont pick strains on yield. Look for quality

MKe sure you have adequate ceiling height and the rooms are setup to create proper environment


If you can swing it get the fohse A3i they are pricey but smash any other LED on the market and have been pulling weight and quality is fantastic. Playing with the light spectrums to find out what is most ideal for the girls


Do you have them or just parroting the sales pitch?

I got em and just switched up my whole veg to their veg lights


Let me know how they work

I too switched up my cmh veg to led

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That’s 3 weeks from potting a clone


That’s day 35


Are you? Without CO2 yet? Have you plumbed and dialed in Dosatrons? Do you have your nutrient lineup dialed in? How much cal-mag do you buy a month?


Mammoth makes equal or better lights for way less money imo.

How much are those lights pulling for you more or less?

My homie has them and we do the same basically. Except my fixtures were like half. I always end up frostier, but that’s because I use uv.

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Mammoth is $1000 for 800w and the Fohse is $2300 for 1500w. Not that much difference but the Fohse crams all those watts in a 4’x4’

I’m testing 3000k + 5500k + 660nm vs. 3500k + 660nm with LM301B diodes (Custom Alibaba specials). I think I’m pulling more with the latter.

What spectrum(s) does Mammoth use?

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