100 lb/hr Continuous Feed Pilot Extraction and Distillation Plant. Turnkey.

Hey guys! This is Zack with Green Machine Labs and we’re looking to consult and help make successful any current or future extraction facilities. We offer crude extraction systems, reaction vessels, falling film evaporators, stainless wiped film distillation units, and turnkey crude to distillate or isolate labs. All of our equipment offerings can be customized to regulation within your state, and for the floor plan of your facility. Our biggest goal is to help you be successful. Me and my team have 15 years direct experience with extraction, and over 20 years experience in stainless steel production, pump production, and heating and chilling production. Before we entered the cannabis manufacturing industry we setup over 200 breweries across the United States, in Costa Rica, Australia, Canada, The Caribbean, Colombia, Germany, Switzerland, and Denmark. We are experienced in all areas of lab operations including hydrocarbon and ethanol extraction, winterization, color and contaminant remediation, chromatography, conversion chemistry, distillation and so much more. Please don’t hesitate to message me or call our office with any questions!

Green Machine Labs


highly interested. plz get back to me with more info

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Sending a PM now! Thanks for your interest.

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