100 gallon jacketed kettle tank.

This is a tank from a eBay I paid 1700 plus shipping 6 months back but shit lab down and don’t need now. Has all fittings new , and 1.5in tri clamp ball valve. It was used with a huber chiller to chill down ethonal and keep cold for dunking bags before putting into Centrafuge. It’s on a pallet and ready to ship. 700 was shipping from New York to Sacramento so that’s the most shipping will be.

Asking 800 for this and you pick up in Rocklin ca , or Arrange freight and It’s already palletized so no extra charge. 9166120527

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have you sold/are you selling the fuge?

Is this fully functional?

Yes it’s ready to go. New valve and fittings even.

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It also has a probe to put a thermo coupler to keep track of temp of the fluid.

Sorry centrafuge sold while back.

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Open top or has lid?

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Open lid. I have had four of these and this is last one. The other 3 had lids but I didn’t like them and always used this style in the end. Putting bags in was easier

Will take 650 right now if want

Thank you Shawn. Im gonna keep looking.