0.5g/1.0g disposable is cotton free and no central tube?

We have a new disposable which work perfect with Live Rosion? Do you have any interests to make a know, we can offer free sample for your testing

If they can’t spell it correctly. I’m out


Contton free?

What’s contton?

Is that a toxic terp twice removed from vitamin e acetate?

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Did you see a disposable of cotton free and no central tube which works perfect for most Live Rosin and Distillate? Welcome to discuss and give us some suggestion.

Anything similar with a push button style?

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Keep your posts in a single thread please @KarenLim

Seriously what the shit is contton?

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Sorry, mis-typed. It is cotton free.

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Sorry, mis-typed. It is cotton. cotton free

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3Chi posted a new disposable of no central tube too! Different shape with our Releafy. But i think no central tube is a new trend.


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yes, boss.

The pen looks really awesome!

Thank you, Buddy.

My biggest critique about disposable vape carts shaped like this is how as a producer am I supposed to fill this unit at scale? they do not work in most, if not all, automated cart fillers.

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2 wooks and a cart farmer


Are samples available of the No center post cotton -free vape?

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Yes, please DM me your receiver information to me

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Dm sent

Yes, received it and thank you so much

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